The Dragon-Born Child

The Caravan

To boldy adventure where no adventure has adventured before!

Day 1

In Elidir, capital of the realm of Isger, a grand caravan has been commissioned to map the world and protect the land against threats. Several adventurers gather with the General to seek membership in the caravan.

The General tells them a group of centaurs recently attacked the city and it is the recruits job to eliminate the threat through diplomacy or by force. With no further instruction, a number of the recruits set off in the direction the General pointed them. Not wanted to be separated from allies, or overshadowed by the glory of others, the rest of the recruits quickly followed.

  • Katie L: Half-Fey Half-Felid Bard
  • Pablo: Summoner
    Eidolon – Parvotti, 4 armed humanoid
  • Brandon: Half-Elf Rogue
  • Jake: Sorceror
  • Jeremy: Human Fighter

Outside of the city, northeast towards the mountain gap, the party finds a party of unhappy centaurs. After a brief discussion, the centaurs attack. The party overcomes them and discovers a magical parasite had been controlling the centaurs. Jeremy takes a tail as a trophy after being discouraged by the party of taking a heart. The party confers and realizes they have little information to go on. There is disagreement on the next course of action, but it is resolved that they should return to the caravan and the city to report back and gather more intel.

Pablo and Katie L go to the city library to research while the others report back to the general. At the library, they learn nothing, and return to the caravan. The general also has little information, as this was the purpose of sending the party in the first place. The General allows the recruits to use the services of the caravan for the night.



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