The Dragon-Born Child

The end of 21

After spinning the spider around, Jake and Jeremy continue in the sewer cave. They extract miraculous spider silk to form a rope. They continue on, and Jeremy falls down a hole. In the darkness, he fails critically again, and breaks his sword against a spider swarm as Jake looks on from above. After recovering the broken blade, they delve deeper.

The sewers are not the place for these two. As they continue on they come to a large cavern. Below a short drop is are several spider egg sacks and a Dryder. As Jake attacks the dryder, Jeremy attacks the eggs. Jake is injured and falls below 0. Jeremy, with no sword, shield bashes the dryder until it finally succumbs. Jeremy revives Jake with Jakes wand of cure light. They collect the dryder venom sack and exit the sewer.

Going through town, they discover everyone has left. They break into the smith’s shop and steal some daggers and short swords and a unidentifiable key. Foolishly, they then attempt to break into the town magician’s shop. Jake is turned to stone at the door. Jeremy then picks the lock of the wands case in an attempt to heal Jake with one of the wands. He is confronted by the image of his parents and sword master who express their shame and disappointment. In fear and horror, he flees town until he reaches the townspeople, camping on the outskirts.

Jeremy asks for the magician and tells him of his and Jake’s journey (with the exception of the robbing the smith). The magician shakes his head, and agrees to return Jake to flesh in return for the pair saving the town. As unhappy as he is with their actions after saving to the town, he is also pleased with his traps success, and allows Jake and Jeremy to leave.

As they leave, they see a man running through town crying out for help.

Man: “Help! My daughter is missing!”
Jake: “Is she hot?”
Man, confused: “She’s six..”
Jake, unwavered: “That doesn’t answer the question.”

Jeremy, not believing his friend is disturbed, interprets the question differently. He attempts to reword it, believing the man simply misunderstood.

Jeremy: “Is she warm of temperature?”
Jake and man both look at him quizzically. The man then tells them where he last saw his daughter. They agree to go investigate. They enter the nearby forest. They come across a pair of goblins(orcs?) and Jeremy attempts to ask if they’ve seen the girl. They reply if they did, the would have eaten her, and attack. Jake and Jeremy defeat them, and continue on. They track the little girl to a cave. A dire bear exits the cave and begins to charge them. Jeremy runs headlong into the attack and hits the bear. The bear grapples Jeremy, clawing and biting, and deals 31 damage. Jake attempts to get to and fight the bear, Jeremy falls below 0. Jake is then injured. He runs, heals himself a small amount and draws the bear away, as Jeremy continually fails to stabilize. Jake returns and heals Jeremy, who upon waking, heals Jake, who then heals Jeremy, who then heals Jake. The bear returns and knocks Jake below 0. Jeremy then attempts to run into the gave, and is hit by the bear. Both taken to 0, they are dragged into the cave by the bear to feed its’ cubs.



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