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The Dragon-Born Child Is a DnD 3.5 & Pathfinder Hybrid Campaign set in the world of Melekure – a highly magical and heavily populated game with new stories and battles around each corner. Want to be a part of a sleepless capitol city like Duranth, the crown jewel of Melekure, or work to gain your own volatile power in tandem with the nearby orc and half-Dragon tribes? Your path is yours to choose. Even with Duranths strong army presence, there is a murmuring in the streets rumoring the swell of power in the Society of Twin Peaks, whose power subterfuge and the sale of secrets. Whose side do you choose?

In House Rules:
1. XP and Monsters are All Pathfinder Based.
2. Your Toon will be created with everyone at the same time on your first session.
3. All rules are debatable but if it slows down game to a crawl the DM can and will decide to table the discussion to a later time.
4. I have added my own twist to Alignments

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Main Page

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